Pamela Scholes


I grew up in the deep woodland of the Blue Ridge Mountains and have, for the most part, lived in the south all of my life. I have enjoyed my travels to other places as I am very eclectic about life and people; I enjoy all the new experiences of both. As a young girl, I spent much time deep in those woods, alone with my thoughts and little dreams. You must spend enough time alone in order to find yourself but if you spend too much time alone then you will begin to lose yourself- time always cuts both ways. I wrote poetry in my head or short little stories that seemed happier than life in general at that age. I still have all of the original handwritten poems I have ever put to paper so I have held them close and dear to me for a very long time they have become like old friends.

I suppose poetry was my first true creative just came natural to me to put my thoughts to paper. It all began in church when I was a mere seven years old. One Sunday, instead of paying attention to the sermon, I wrote a poem about God and Heaven...I wrote it on one of those small envelopes you placed your offering in with a stub of a pencil. I still have it to this day. As I said, I am a very people connecting kind of person and I believe there is a story in everyone worthy of being told. I have decided with this book to try my hand at a new genre and would love for you to meet this sweet little mystery in "Under the Mulberry Tree." It is the journey of a woman traveling back to a childhood of fifty years ago to search for answers that eluded an entire town. Meet some interesting folks living in the era of the 1940's of a very small, almost hidden coal mining place. The rest is a mystery... I have so enjoyed the travels my wonderful world of words has taken me down and I have enjoyed pouring those words to paper, to print, to share... I would like to introduce you to some of those wonderful words of mine.